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Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm
Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm
Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm
Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm
Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm
Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm
Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm
Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm
Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm
Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm

Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm

[1000*800*840] Foldable Mesh Container B series Zhihong storage cage

[Outer diameter size]: 1000*800*840

[Inner diameter size]: 950*750*700

[Wire diameter]: 5.8mm

[Product load bearing]: 1200KG

[Grid]: 50x50mm

[Cage weight]: 44.8KG

[Number of stacking layers]: 4 layers

This model is the B series of conventional storage cages, which we call Foldable Mesh Container B1. The size of this series of Foldable Mesh Container is 1000*800*840mm. There are two types of mesh spacing: 50*50mm and 50*100mm. This model is 50*50mm.

Product Description

Collapsible Wire Mesh Container, also named as foldable mesh container, butterfly cage, wire mesh container, wire basket, warehouse cage, foldable crate, metal wire logistics container, are a type of popular industrial wire container, with sturdy, durable, portable, foldable, collapsible, stackable characters, they are widely used for bulk materials handling, transport and storage,  etc.

Collapsible Wire Mesh Container Characteristics:

◎ Steel wire structure with electrolytic zinc coating finish

◎ Foldable to save space during transport and storage

◎ Stackable in folded and unfolded position

◎ Half-panel foldable on the long side

Foldable Mesh Container Parameters:

ModelsExternal Dimension(mm)Internal dimensions(mm)Wire(mm)Mesh(mm)foot height(mm)N.W.(kg)Meas.(㎡)Load-bearing(kg)

The size can be customized and also you can choose the diameter(φ) and the distance of the wire.It will be a little complex .Please click inquire and connect to us so we can do it as you want.

Benefits and Uses of Foldable Mesh Container:

Foldable Mesh Containers or cage containers make handling, transporting and storing bulk partsand materials easy. Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers are reusable containing systems that deliver high visibility savings. These tough, welded wire containers provide quick content identification, promote better material flow, and more efficient stock control.

Mesh Container Folding Method:

Collapsible Wire Mesh Container

Foldable Mesh Container Features:

◎ Easy to clear, sort and count due to the uniform specification and fixed capacity.

◎ Sturdy and durable, easy to carry and recyclable .

◎ Can be stowed in rack and assembly line and can also be stacked.

◎ The wire container with casters can be movable.

◎ The wire container with PP slab and steel slab can avoid the missing of small spare parts.

◎ The wire container with the enlarged mesh space can be used to deposit the paper box and light goods.

◎ Can not only used in the workshop but also in supermarket for sales promotion and storage.

Foldable Mesh Container

Foldable Mesh Container Application

EVERGREAT supply foldabel wire mesh cage for material handling and storage in supermarket, shops and industries,the ideal choice for better bulk material handling.

Food Industry
Auto Industry
Collapsible Wire Mesh ContainerCollapsible Wire Mesh Container

● Foldable Mesh Container with electroplating, making food safety.

● We have our own electroplating production lane,and own the IS090001 certificate in 2014

● Foldable Mesh Container with caster can let the warehouse transport convienient

● Custom Foldable Mesh Container with any accessories making it more useful.

Home Appliances
Electric Industry
Collapsible Wire Mesh ContainerCollapsible Wire Mesh Container

● Foldable Mesh Container with strong capcity.

● We product strong foldable wire container making it can stress more pressure, not easily break or miss welding.

● Foldable Mesh Containers have different sizes.

● Foldable Mesh Containers are long-term use product,one normal wire container can sustain 7 years or more longer.

Foldable Mesh Container 1000*800*840mm

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√ One-stop service from solution, manufacture to delivery

Our goal is to give you a package that includes: the lowest price, excellent quality and the highest level of customer service. Please speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales people about collapsible wire mesh containers today. Contact EVERGREAT now. We will send you a prompt low cost quotation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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