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Wire Container with Caster
Wire Container with Caster
Wire Container with Caster
Wire Container with Caster
Wire Container with Caster
Wire Container with Caster
Wire Container with Caster
Wire Container with Caster
Wire Container with Caster
Wire Container with Caster

Wire Container with Caster

[Outer diameter size]: 800*600*640mm

[Inner diameter size]: 750*550*500mm

[Product load bearing]: 500KG

[Wire diameter]: 4.8mm

[Grid]: 50x50mm

[Type]: EVERGREAT Non-Standard Storage Cage

[Surface reatment]: galvanization, powder coating, PVC coating.

[Applications]: Wire containers with casters play an important role in logistics industries, and they are applied to various areas like automobile industries, food and beverage industries, medical industries, construction industries, agricultural industries, supermarkets and restaurants, for the handling, transporting and storage of auto parts, accessories, hardware, engineering machinery parts, medical, food, beverage, and so on.

Product Description

Wire container with casters generally has two swivel casters with brakes and two fixed casters. The casters can operate flexibly and freely in the workshop, which can improve workers' operation efficiency, save labor costs and be safe and convenient to use. Sometimes wire containers with caster also have tow bars, so that wire containers can be linked together, then they can easily and freely move on smooth ground. This kind of wire container is widely used for the turnover of internal parts in auto parts workshops, as well as the turnover of materials in automobile-integrated factories. The polypropylene hollow sheets, cardboard, iron sheets or felts put in the wire containers can effectively protect the surface of items from being scratched. And our wire containers can be carried by various handling equipment. This Storage Cage on Wheels is designed to provide you with the ultimate convenience in organizing and transporting items around your facility.

Wire Container with Caster Characteristics:

1. Mobility and Flexibility: The inclusion of caster wheels provides effortless maneuverability, allowing the cage to be easily moved within the warehouse or from one location to another, thus streamlining transportation processes.

2. Space Optimization: The caster wheels enable the cage to be positioned in tight or awkward spaces, optimizing the utilization of available warehouse real estate and facilitating efficient organization.3. Load 

3. Capacity: Despite the addition of caster wheels, these storage cages maintain their robust strength and load-bearing capacity, ensuring secure and stable storage of goods.

4. Durability: The caster wheels are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent movement and heavy loads, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

5. Adjustability: Many caster wheel systems come with adjustable features, allowing for customization of cage height and orientation to suit specific operational needs.

6. Efficiency Boost: By facilitating swift relocation and repositioning of stored items, the caster wheels contribute to accelerated workflow, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The storage cage with caster wheels offers unique features that enhance its functionality and versatility in warehouse operations. Get your free quote now!

Wire Container with Caster

Advantages of Our Wire Containers with Casters:

● Caster kit reduces freight cost

● Caster kit reduced lead time. Equipped with four sturdy casters, this Collapsible Wire Container with Casters provides effortless mobility in any direction. 

● Durable Heavy-Duty Design, Benefits of Using Wire Container with Caster in Your Warehouse.

● The screw has an adhesive coating locking the screw to the basket

● Saves time over welding or bolted design

● 2 swivel (with brake) plus 2 rigid casters per kit

● Antirust and corrosion are resistant after electro-galvanization.

● Front drop gate for easy access.

● High-strength structure design ensures secure and compact storage.

● The open mesh welded body provides good visibility of the content and minimizes dust or dirt.

● Easy installation of casters.

With its spacious interior, our Storage Cage on Wheels is ideal for storing tools, materials, equipment, or anything else you need to keep organized and easily accessible. The wire construction allows for quick identification of contents, saving you time and effort when searching for specific items.

The EVERGREAT Collapsible Wire Container with Casters is a versatile and reliable addition to any warehouse, workshop, or storage facility. Don't settle for less – choose the EVERGREAT Storage Cage on Wheels for all your storage needs!

Wire Container with Caster

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