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Q235 Wire Container
Q235 Wire Container
Q235 Wire Container
Q235 Wire Container
Q235 Wire Container
Q235 Wire Container
Q235 Wire Container
Q235 Wire Container
Q235 Wire Container
Q235 Wire Container

Q235 Wire Container 1200*1000*890mm

[1200*1000*890] Folding storage cage B series Zhihong storage cage

[Outer diameter size]: 1200*1000*890

[Inner diameter size]: 1150*950*750

[Wire diameter]: 5.8mm

[Product load bearing]: 1200KG

[Grid]: 50x50mm

[Cage weight]: 60KG

[Number of stacking layers]: 4 layers

[Advantage]: high strength, heavy duty, standard size, fixed capacity, stackable and foldable structure, environmental friendliness, and good equipment compatibility.

Product Description

This model is the B series of conventional storage cages, which we call folding storage cage B1. The size of this series of folding storage cages is 1200*1000*890mm. There are two types of mesh spacing: 50*50mm and 50*100mm. This model is 50*50mm. Made from high-quality Q235 steel, these containers are corrosion-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Q235 Wire Container 1200*1000*890mm

Q235 Wire Container Characteristics:

1. High strength and heavy duty: Q235 Wire Containers are made of high-quality steel or synthetic materials, which have excellent load-bearing capacity and can safely and stably store a large number of items.

2. Standard size and fixed capacity: The size and capacity of Q235 Wire Containers are standardized, which makes item storage more orderly, and facilitates inventory counting and management.

3. Stackable design: Q235 Wire Containers can usually be stacked on top of each other, saving warehouse space, improving space utilization, and enabling three-dimensional storage.

4. Foldable structure: When not in use, Q235 Wire Containers can be freely folded up, saving storage space and facilitating transportation and portability.

5. Environmental-friendly material: The surface treatment of Q235 Wire Containers usually uses environmentally friendly processes without polluting the environment, in line with modern green logistics concepts.

6. Good equipment compatibility: Q235 Wire Containers can be used in conjunction with logistics equipment such as forklifts, handcarts, lifting machines, etc., improving logistics operation efficiency.

Q235 Wire Container 1200*1000*890mm

Q235 Wire Container Technical Parameters:

ModelsExternal Dimension(mm)Internal dimensions(mm)Wire(mm)Mesh(mm)foot height(mm)N.W.(kg)Meas.(㎡)Load-bearing(kg)

(1) Customized size: the size, wire diameter, mesh gauge can be customized to your design.

(2) Surface treatment: galvanized or powder coating.

Q235 Wire Container 1200*1000*890mm

Q235 Wire Container Can Be Used in Different Industries

Electric IndustryAuto Industry
Q235 Wire Container 1200*1000*890mmQ235 Wire Container 1200*1000*890mmQ235 Wire Container 1200*1000*890mm

● Q235 Wire Containers have different sizes.

● Q235 Wire Containers are long-term use products, one normal wire container can sustain 7 years or more longer.

● Q235 Wire Container can make warehouse transport convenient.

● Custom Q235 Wire Container with any accessories making it more useful

Food IndustryHome Appliances
Q235 Wire Container 1200*1000*890mmQ235 Wire Container 1200*1000*890mm

● Q235 Wire Container with electroplating, making food safety.

● We have our own electroplating production lane, and own the IS090001 certificate in 2014

● Q235 Wire Container with strong capacity.

● We produce strong wire containers that can stress more pressure, and not easily break or miss welding

Our Q235 wire containers are designed to provide a secure and long-lasting storage solution for a variety of materials. Ideal for industrial, commercial, and residential use, our Q235 wire containers come in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs. Order now and experience the peace of mind that comes with using a trusted brand for your storage requirements. Other kinds of metal products for your choice, OEM, ODM, and Customized are all welcome!

FAQ  about Q235 Wire Containers

Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?

A1: We are a factory. We specialize in all kinds of warehouse storage solutions and logistic equipment.

Q2: What is the raw material of your wire containers?

A2: The raw material of the steel code is Q235.Other steel is also available to clients’ requirements.

Q3: How could you guarantee the wire container's quality?

A3: We have a professional engineer check what size should be used to guarantee your load weight request. Before shipping, our quality control also carefully checks whether the quality is approved.

Q4: May I know the status of my order?

A4: Yes. We will send you information and photos at different production stages of your order. You will get the latest information in time.

Q5: Can I print our logo on your products?

A5: Yes, OEM & ODM are both supported.

If you have a great interest in our warehouse stackable wire mesh storage container, please send us an inquiry. We will offer you the reasonable price with the high quality and best service.

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