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Wire Decking: Benefit You Need to Know

Dec. 07, 2023


What is Wire Decking?

Wire decking constitutes a vital component within pallet rack setups. Essentially, it comprises wire mesh panels with welded channels underneath, offering both capacity and stability. Its primary function is to establish a level surface between beams for the storage of pallets and goods.


In adherence to fire regulations and safety protocols, numerous municipalities mandate the use of mesh decking. In the event of a fire, these decks enable sprinkler system water to permeate through each decking level, reaching the fire's source directly—a concept aptly termed "fall-through."


Wire Decking

Types of Wire Decking


Presently, a variety of wire decking types exists. Continue reading to ensure you select the most suitable option for your distinct pallet racking and storage needs.


Double Waterfall:

This type of wire decking features downturned edges on both sides of the deck. These edges securely hook over the front and back pallet rack beams, requiring no additional bolts or screws for full security. They are particularly safe in situations where beams might bow out.


Up-Turned Waterfall:

Featuring one downturned edge and one up-turned edge, up-turned waterfall wire decking maintains stability and prevents products from slipping off the back of the pallet rack system.


Inside Waterfall:

Inside waterfall or drop-in decks match the bay's depth between beams. These wire decks drop in directly and sit flush on the beam step-downs. Unlike waterfall decks, they require tek screws for complete security. They are often used for labeling products and are suitable for storing smaller items that don't reach deep into the rack.


Flat Flush:

Similar to inside waterfall decks, flat flush wire decking rests directly on the beam steps. However, these decks are less stable because their sole point of contact with the beam is the channels themselves.


Wire Decking

Channel Supports in Wire Decking:


Channel supports are essential for reinforcing wire decks and ensuring their secure placement on pallet rack beams. One of the distinguishing factors between various decks lies in the design of their channel supports. There are several channel styles, with the following being the most fundamental:



Wire decking with U-channel supports provides dual support as the beam has two contact points. The channels rest on the beam step-downs while the decking sits atop the beams. U-channels expand storage possibilities by offering higher weight capacity and increased stability.



Flare-channel supports directly rest on the beam without utilizing the beam steps. While they offer less stability compared to U-channels, they fit universally with box beams, structural beams, step beams, etc. Their versatility makes them a convenient choice for wire decking across various beam types.


Inverted U-Channel:

By flipping a U-channel support upside-down, an inverted U-channel is created. These channels are advantageous for hygienic storage purposes as they don’t accumulate dirt and debris like regular U-channels, making them ideal for food storage and other cleanliness-sensitive storage needs.


Inverted Flare-Channel:

Similar to inverted U-channels in terms of hygiene benefits, these upside-down flared channel supports also offer a universal fit. They are commonly used in food handling environments and require less frequent cleaning.


Wire density significantly impacts wire deck stability and capacity limits. More wires enhance deck stability but usually come with a higher cost.


Advantages of Wire Decking


Wire decking meets more code requirements than corrugated or flat panels between pallet racking. It provides excellent stability and versatility in pallet rack storage solutions. The array of styles and channel shapes available for wire decking enables versatile storage options. Whether it's for maintaining sanitary conditions or maximizing flat storage space on your pallet racking system, wire decking expands your possibilities.


It's important to note the distinction between pallet supports and wire decks. Pallet supports require screwing in and consist of metal bars positioned between pallet rack beams. They offer supplementary support to the bay's structure. In contrast, wire decks serve to create a level surface for storage, covering the entire space between beams.


Wire Mesh Decking


While predominantly referred to as wire decking in this blog, this type of decking goes by various names, with the most prevalent being wire mesh decking. Other terms used to describe it include wire shelving, wire panels, steel mesh decking, rack wire, and several others.

Wire Decking


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