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Storage Cage with Square Tubes
Storage Cage with Square Tubes
Storage Cage with Square Tubes
Storage Cage with Square Tubes
Storage Cage with Square Tubes
Storage Cage with Square Tubes

Wire Container with Tube

[Outer diameter size]: 1200*1000*890mm

[Inner diameter size]: 1150*950*750mm

[Product load bearing]: 1500KG

[Wire diameter]: 5.8mm

[Grid]: 50x50mm

[Bottom beam]: 5 pieces

[Brand]: Evergreat

[Origin]: Taizhou, Zhejiang

[Type]: Non-Standard Storage Cage

[Surface reatment]: galvanization, powder coating, PVC coating.

[OEM & ODM]: According to customer requirements.

Product Description

Evergreat's Wire Container with Tube - the ultimate solution for all your storage and organization needs. Our wire containers are designed to provide strength, durability, and safety, making them an ideal choice for warehouses, factories, retail stores, and more.

Wire Container with Tube

Our wire containers feature a unique tube design that allows for easy transportation and handling of items. The tubes are made from high-quality metal wires that are woven together to form a strong and stable surface. The open mesh design allows for excellent airflow and drainage, while the raised surface helps to prevent slips and falls. Contact us now to learn more about our custom design and production services and to place your order.

Storage Cage with Square Tubes Characteristics:

The storage cage with square tubes has a number of unique features that set it apart from traditional storage containers

1. Strength and Stability: The square tubes provide added strength and stability to the storage cage, ensuring that it can safely and securely support heavy loads. The tubes also provide a more rigid structure, reducing the risk of deformation or collapse under weight.

2. Additional Space: The inclusion of square tubes allows for more efficient use of space within the cage. The tubes can be used to store smaller items or additional materials, expanding the overall capacity of the storage system.

3. Enhanced Durability: The square tubes are typically made from high-quality steel or aluminum, making them more resistant to wear and tear than traditional storage containers. This added durability ensures that the cage will last longer and require less frequent replacement.

4. Easy Stacking: The square tubes allow for easy stacking of multiple cages on top of each other, saving space and simplifying inventory management. The stacking ability also facilitates efficient storage and retrieval operations.

5. Versatility: Square tubes can be used in a variety of different applications, allowing for customization and versatility in storage solutions. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor storage, making them suitable for a wide range of logistics and warehousing operations.

6. Enhanced Safety: The square tubes provide a more solid frame around the perimeter of the storage cage, reducing the risk of objects or materials falling out during transportation or handling. This added safety feature ensures that the cage is reliable and stable even when in use.

7. Customization Options: Tailor the Wire Container with Tube to meet your specific requirements with customizable features such as dimensions, mesh size, and load capacity. Our team works closely with you to design a solution that perfectly aligns with your storage needs.

Wire Container with Tube

Wire Container with Tube Common Applications:

◎ Warehousing and Distribution Centers: In warehouses and distribution centers, Wire Containers with Tubes are used for storing and transporting goods efficiently. They are ideal for organizing inventory, palletizing products, and optimizing storage space.

◎ Manufacturing Facilities: Manufacturing plants utilize Wire Containers with Tubes to store raw materials, components, and finished products. The sturdy construction of the containers ensures safe handling and protection of valuable items throughout the production process.

◎ Retail and Merchandising: Retail stores and supermarkets utilize Wire Containers with Tubes for stocking merchandise, storing excess inventory, and organizing display areas. The open mesh design allows for easy visibility of products, making it simple for staff to locate and access items.

Wire Container with Tube

◎ Automotive Industry: In the automotive sector, Wire Containers with Tubes are commonly used for storing automotive parts, tools, and accessories. They facilitate efficient inventory management and streamline the retrieval process, enhancing productivity in repair shops and manufacturing facilities.

◎ E-commerce and Fulfillment Centers: E-commerce companies and fulfillment centers rely on Wire Containers with Tubes to handle the storage and distribution of products. These containers are stackable, collapsible, and space-saving, making them perfect for storing a wide range of items in warehouses with varying storage needs.

◎ Hospitality and Food Service: Hotels, restaurants, and catering services utilize Wire Containers with Tubes for storing linens, tableware, and kitchen supplies. The containers help maintain cleanliness and organization in storage areas, ensuring quick access to essential items during busy service hours.

◎ Agriculture and Farming: In agricultural settings, Wire Containers with Tubes are used for storing harvested crops, agricultural tools, and equipment. Their durable construction makes them suitable for outdoor use, providing reliable storage solutions in farming environments.

The Wire Container with Tube is a versatile storage solution that meets the diverse needs of industries ranging from warehousing and manufacturing to retail and hospitality. Its robust design, ease of use, and adaptability make it an indispensable asset in various applications where efficient storage and organization are paramount. Contact us today to order and increase your work efficiency.

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Wire Container with Tube

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