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Storage Racks Wire Decking: Everything You Need to Know

Apr. 25, 2024


What is Wire Decking?


Wire decking is a crucial component in pallet rack systems, serving as a supportive platform for storing goods. Essentially, it consists of a wire mesh panel with welded channels underneath, offering strength and stability. This configuration allows for the placement of pallets and products on a level surface between rack beams.


Storage racks wire decking is a metal mesh pallet racking accessory that provides a flat surface for storing pallets and products between front and rear rack beams. It's a vital part of any pallet rack configuration and is often required by law to meet fire codes and safety standards.


Storage racks wire decking is made of steel, which is strong, durable, and non-flammable. It's also more cost-effective than wood or solid metal and provides better access for sprinkler systems. The mesh design allows water and light to pass through.


Wire decking prevents loose items from falling through the racking, which can damage goods. It also provides a stable platform and improved fire safety.


storage racks wire decking

Types of Wire Decking


There are various types of wire decking available to suit different pallet racking and storage needs. Here's an overview to help you choose the most suitable option:


1. Double Waterfall:

Double waterfall wire decking features downturned edges on both sides of the deck. These edges securely hook over the front and back pallet rack beams without requiring additional bolts or screws. This design ensures maximum safety, especially in cases of beam bowing.


2. Up-Turned Waterfall:

Up-turned waterfall wire decking has one downturned edge and one up-turned edge. This configuration provides stability while preventing products from sliding off the back of the pallet rack system.


3. Inside Waterfall:

Inside waterfall, or drop-in decks, are the same depth as the bay between beams. They drop directly into place and sit flush on the beam step-downs. While they require tek screws for full security since they don't hug the beams like waterfall decks, they are ideal for labeling products and storing smaller items that don't extend deep into the rack.


4. Flat Flush:

Flat flush wire decking sits directly on the beam steps like inside waterfall decks. However, their stability is somewhat reduced because their only contact point with the beam is the channels themselves.


Channel Supports


Channel supports are crucial for reinforcing wire decks and ensuring their secure placement on pallet rack beams. The shape of the channel supports distinguishes one deck from another, and there are several basic styles available:


1. U-Channel:

Wire decking with U-channel supports provides double support as the beam has two contact points. The channels rest on the beam step-downs, while the decking sits atop the beams. U-channels offer enhanced stability and weight capacity, expanding storage options.


2. Flare-Channel:

Flare-channel supports rest directly on the beam without using the beam steps. While they offer less stability compared to U-channels, they are compatible with various beam types, including box beams, structural beams, and step beams, making them a versatile choice.


3. Inverted U-Channel:

Inverted U-channel supports are essentially U-channels flipped upside-down. They do not accumulate dirt and debris like regular U-channels, making them suitable for hygienic storage applications such as food storage.


4. Inverted Flare-Channel:

Similar to inverted U-channels, inverted flare-channel supports are upside-down flare channels. They offer sanitary storage solutions and have a universal fit, often preferred in food handling environments due to their ease of cleaning.


Wire density is another critical factor influencing wire deck stability and capacity limits. Decks with higher wire density are more stable but come at a higher cost due to the increased number of wires.


Advantages of Wire Decking


Wire decking surpasses corrugated or flat panels in meeting code requirements for pallet racking. It offers outstanding stability and versatility in pallet rack storage solutions. With various styles and channel shapes available, wire decking accommodates diverse storage needs, whether for sanitary storage or maximizing flat storage space on pallet racking.


Differentiating Pallet Supports


Pallet supports are distinct from wire decks as they require screwing in. These metal bars are positioned between pallet rack beams to provide additional structural support to the bay. In contrast, wire decks create a flat surface for storage and cover the entire space between beams.


Wire Mesh Decking


While commonly referred to as wire decking, this type of decking is also known as wire mesh decking. Other names include wire shelving, wire panels, steel mesh decking, and rack wire.


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