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The cooperation case between Evergreat and a certain electrical appliance company in Zhejiang Province


Project name: Conventional storage cage C series, size 1200*1000*890mm, wire diameter 6.0mm, mesh spacing 50*50mm

Case client: certain electrical appliance company 

Project address: Zhejiang Province

Customer profile: Zhejiang a electrical appliances limited company is a main business household appliances, hardware accessories and other products manufacturing and processing company


Solve the problem: In the process of product production and processing, the company needs to use a large number of storage containers to store the semi-finished and finished products.After the recommendation of other customers, the electrical company reached a cooperation with Dajiang storage cage. They placed an order for 1,200 storage cages at a time, starting a long-term cooperation between the two sides!


In the production process of hardware accessories, a certain electrical appliance company in Zhejiang province needed to use a large number of storage cages to store and protect the semi-finished products and finished products. These storage cages were placed on the shelves of the workshop to facilitate the classification, storage, and transportation of goods on the production line.

On the production line, workers could use a forklift to place the produced hardware accessories into the storage cages. With the sufficient load-bearing capacity of the storage cages' design, they could accommodate large quantities and heavy weights of goods, thus effectively protecting the goods from damage during storage and transportation.

In the storage process, the use of storage cages also simplified the classification and labeling of goods. Each storage cage was equipped with a label indicating the type and specification of the goods stored inside. This allowed workers to quickly find the required goods and ensure there was no confusion or mistake in the production process.

In addition, storage cages also facilitated the transportation of goods. Since the storage cages could be easily transported and stacked by forklifts, a large quantity of goods could be moved from one place to another in a short period of time. This greatly improved the efficiency of goods circulation, reducing transportation costs.

In the warehouse, the placement of storage cages also made the storage of goods more orderly and efficient. Compared with the traditional scattered storage method, the use of storage cages allowed goods to be neatly arranged on shelves, saving space and avoiding confusion and loss of goods.

Overall, storage cages played a key role in the application scenarios of hardware industry. From classification and storage on the production line to orderly storage and transportation in the warehouse, storage cages provided efficient, practical, and economical solutions to help hardware enterprises improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize logistics processes.

 The cooperation case between Evergreat and a certain electrical appliance company in Zhejiang Province


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