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Conventional Storage Cage C Series


Project name: Conventional storage cage C series, size 1200*1000*890mm, wire diameter 5.8mm, mesh spacing 50*50mm

Case client: Midea Group

Project address: Foshan, Guangdong

Customer profile: Midea Group, a Fortune 500 company and a leading enterprise in the national electrical appliance industry.

Solve the problem: Big companies have high requirements! ! ! It is an honor to cooperate with Midea Group. Zhihong Storage Cage uses Japanese manufacturing technology to provide Midea Group with ultra-high-quality electrical accessories storage cages as turnover containers.

Zhihong storage cages have strict production and manufacturing standards. The production requirements of storage cages are all in accordance with Japanese export standards. The wire raw materials are required to have a carbon content of 0.15-0.18%, a diameter error of ±0.02mm, and a galvanized layer thickness of more than 8μ. The bottom beam of Zhihong storage cages must be All use self-developed "W-shaped channel steel" to make the storage cage have a stronger load-bearing capacity.

Conventional Storage Cage C Series


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